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We take pride in successfully integrating Ultra Modern Technology to Manufacture our traditional food products. Our food products are quite well known for being heathier than other oily snacks that are available in the market, since they are fried in machine which are Programmable Logic Controllers. Manufactured and packed by fully automatic machine.


Quality is the primary element of our organization. We serve our valuable clients with cent percent quality assurance so that we could delight them in the proper manner. Our quality products are the mixture of natural, fresh and pure ingredients that are well tested and checked before using it in manufacturing process. We have a team of skilled and dedicated quality experts that strives for quality maintenance. The teams carry out all essential tests for the end products and then allow them for final delivery in the market.


The philosophy of Quality Circle preaches to attain self motivation & happiness by improving the products through quality excellence in each of the functional areas. Apart from the progressive changes in the organization, this Quality Circle is also proving fruitful by accelerating the development of individuals. This development can be seen in terms of change in attitude, self development and development of team spirit resulting in improvising the overall organizational culture.


To make sure that our products remain crispy and crunchy for a long time, they are made available in air-tight packing’s.We put in a Quality Control system on a regular basis to meet our standards.

All Banana Items

We are most popular for our BANANA CHIPS which are really crisp and crunchy. Long Mari waffer, Tomato waffer, Mari Masala waffer, Coconut oil waffers are few of out varities in that. Check our product list of see all crisy waffer

All items are Jain

We manufacture all our products as 100% Jain Recipes. We don’t use Onion, Potatoes and Garlic. Ganesh Gruh Udyog repeats its commitment for excellence for the years to come.

Automated Machine Packed

We take pride in sucessfully integrating Ultra Modern Technology to pack our traditonal food products. As food are packed with machine – no chance of mistake.

Best Quality

To give consistent quality to its consumers, adaptation of mechanism was the first and the foremost step taken by Ganesh Gruh Udyog. The wheels of quality have led us to this success, and we dedicate this to many of our consumers.

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