About Us

Ganesh Gruh Udyog – Story

In 1997 Ganesh Gruh Udyog made their beginning at Ahmedabad. Initially we started on small scale and dealing only in wholesale. In less than a decade, we got great support and have grown from strength to strengths. We now deal in both Wholesale and Retail. We manufacture around 160 variety of namkins. We are most popular for our BANANA CHIPS which are really crisp and crunchy. We manufacture all our products as 100% Jain Recipes. We don’t use Onion, Potatoes and Garlic.

Namkeens are a special part of any occasion. There are countless Namkeen Products we are manufacturing, We capture the authenticity and the great quality that the customers are looking for. Hence, Ganesh Gruh Udyog (Funcrisp) has extensively researched and curated a list of the top best namkeen brands that will surely satisfy your cravings. We hope that new customers will also give us a try!

Who We Are

To give consistent quality to its consumers, adaptation of mechanism was the first and the foremost step taken by Ganesh Gruh Udyog. The wheels of quality have led us to this success, and we dedicate this to many of our consumers. Ganesh Gruh Udyog repeats its commitment for excellence for the years to come.

Why Choose Us

We take pride in successfully integrating Ultra Modern Technology to manufacture our traditional food products. Our food products are quite well known for being healthier than other oily snacks that are found outside since they are fried in machine which are Programmable Logic Controllers.

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